Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 Holiday Greeting from William

Shared this with friends and family the other day. Wanted to share here too. Here's to a new year full of nothing but love, success, and happiness.

Christmas Couplets,
An Attempt at "Iambic Pentameter"
After Three Egg Nogs
~with love from me~

'twas five days 'til Christmas and what did I realize?
My holiday email still hadn't materialized.

So in a pinch and with very little time
I tried to cut corners and make it all rhyme.

Twenty Thirteen flew by in a blink.
Still working at Groupon. Nah, it doesn't stink.

Work's PRIDE group is killer. Proud of it? The most!
Our workplace equality video made the Huff Post!

We marched in Springfield for marriage equality.
(@mwilliampanek is my handle. Hey, do ya follow me?)*

IL watched the House vote on the bill.
It passed!!! I cried!!! I drank!!! What a thrill.

The Brown Paper Box Co. joined the League of Chicago Theatres.
We produced two cabarets and a play with many beers.**

William Finn's A New Brain is our upcoming show.
If you're in Chicago in March, I'd love you to go!

Miley & Harlem Shake. Grumpy Cat & Obamacare.
Politically and pop-culturally - that sums up the year. 

And what of our picture that's usually so nice?
The attached selfie Snapchat will have to suffice.
Hope Twenty Fourteen keeps you healthy, busy, and working.
And if 'Thirteen gave us anything: remember Miley's twerking.
All my love,

* shameless. sorry not sorry.
** a forced rhyme is an unhappy rhyme. sorry. really sorry.

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