Monday, September 23, 2013

Marriage Equality in Illinois: families and people not dollars and cents

Illinois Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie is calling on House members to approve a gay marriage bill.

Currie, the chamber's second-ranking Democrat, said in a letter to House members earlier this month that allowing gay couples to marry is a matter of equality and that it would boost the state's economy.
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Marriage equality for same-sex couples needs to come to Illinois, but I truly dislike the following bit of argumentative 'logic' Ms. Currie, as well as many other supporters, use:

" marry is a matter of equality and it would boost the state's economy."

This should not be a financial argument. This should not be about businesses or money. This is about families and people, not dollars and cents. It's sad that we need to be reminded businesses can profit from marriage equality in Illinois rather than reminding lawmakers and residents to fight for the right reasons.

Do what is right for the right reasons, Illinois. 

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