Monday, September 23, 2013

How Often Do I Post Straight, Republican, Marine Letters?

Never, that's how often.
But the Human Rights Campaign passed along this advocacy email this morning and I liked what it had to say. Though I'd pass it further.
Dear William,
I'm straight. I'm a Republican. I'm a Marine who served in Iraq. Some might say I'm not your typical LGBT advocate.
But then, several years ago, my brother Calvin came out to our family at Thanksgiving. His horror stories of high school and his fear of never being allowed to marry made me realize that I had to do something to fix America's unfair, unequal laws.
So I became an HRC monthly donor.
Gay or straight, Democrat or Republican – from one person who believes in equality to another – I want to know if you're willing to be a part of the army of HRC Partners whose steady, monthly gifts fuel HRC's fights in Congress, in the states, and in the media. Millions are waiting for the rights they're entitled to. There is immense urgency in our fight.
Take your commitment to the next level now. Become one of 100 new HRC Partners in the next three days to help create lasting change in this country – from passing ENDA to making our schools safer and more welcoming. For your gift of $12 a month or more – just 40 cents a day – HRC will send you a special Partners tote bag as a thank-you.
A lot of people think that the victories at the Supreme Court in June were the final piece of the equality puzzle.
But my brother Calvin has painted a picture of how much work there's left to do. He told me, "Walk down the hall of any high school, and you're still going to hear kids saying ‘that's so gay!' in a derogatory, demeaning way." To me, that's the same homophobia and bigotry that's been keeping our lawmakers from passing employment non-discrimination laws, from pushing marriage equality forward in more states, and from protecting LGBT students from harassment and bullying in their classrooms.
I support HRC as a monthly donor because they push for change by fighting fear and hatred – and no other organization uses that strategy as effectively. Here's how HRC moves equality forward and how your monthly support as a Partner will help:
  • HRC goes inside Congress, the White House, and statehouses across the country to work with key decision-makers on issues of equality at all levels of government.
  • HRC pushes even the biggest, baddest bullies to make things right – collecting over 150,000 petitions over the last month to shine a light on Russia's heinous anti-LGBT "propaganda" law.
  • HRC speaks out in the media and partners with public figures – famous actors, politicians, activists – who can promote fairness to millions of Americans.
  • And HRC sends expert field organizers to battleground states for marriage equality, where they build powerful coalitions and win – and that's what we're doing in Hawaii, Illinois and New Jersey right now.
I am proud of my brother, and I am proud of HRC. Becoming a Partner can make an enormous difference in our movement's most immediate challenges – our state fights for marriage equality and our campaign for ENDA in Congress – as well as the fights to come.
I know we can count on you to be a leader for change. Thank you so much for your continued support.
Craig Stowell Craig Stowell
Craig Stowell
HRC Monthly Donor & Proud Brother

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