Thursday, June 06, 2013

End of Session Summary: Kelly Cassidy

I believe this to be an important email from my State Representative, Kelly Cassidy:

Dear Friends,

Last Friday marked the end of a very disappointing legislative session. While some priorities were accomplished, there is much work left undone. We failed to complete our work on marriage equality and the pension crisis remains unsolved. Work on these critical issues will continue during this fall's veto session. Today, a special session date has been announced for June 19th.

Significant work was done in regards to the environment, criminal justice reform and public safety, and a budget was passed that preserves funding for several important programs. I've outlined the outcomes in a variety of categories here. Please contact my office at 773-784-2002 or if you have any questions.

Marriage Equality

One of the most disappointing moments of my legislative career was our inability to pass marriage equality this past week. My colleagues and I along with countless dedicated advocates and activists have worked tirelessly to reach the goal of full equality for our families. I had high hopes heading into this legislative session and the let down of not completing our task is very real.

To the thousands of people who have called, written, emailed or visited my office, I thank you for your support and dedication and I promise to continue to work to find the votes needed to pass this bill. As you know, this is also personal for me - I want full equality for my family too.

I have been inspired by the people who have traveled to Springfield to lobby legislators, visited members in their districts, worked phone banks, organized and attended rallies and protests.  Please do not give up. This fight is far too important for all of us, but particularly for LGBT youth who are struggling to find acceptance and need this affirmation.  Frankly, it isn't fair to tell them that they have to wait for equality.
I completely understand the anger and impatience some have shared in recent days. Rather than turning that anger inward, I am hopeful that we can use this setback as an opportunity to present an even more united community, working together to overcome the real enemies of equality. While frustrating, we have come so very far in such an incredibly short time and must remain focused on a path to success.

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