Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"I Was Supposed to Pick Up Carl" Annoyance

People love this shit. I mean, they're laughing their butts off over this meme.

Sure, I get it, but I'm not laughing. Am I old, crotchety, or just not as big of an animal-in-human-clothes fan as others?


Anonymous said...

No. You are a fucking alien. Laugh you freak.

schmeep said...

Whether you're a fan of the original, which was adorable, this off-shoot of the meme is really really funny. It's more about using past memes (the cat) to build on the theme. The fact I have to explain it to you? Exhausting.

brian loper said...

youre a dork dude.... this shits hilarious! maybe its your lack of imagination. just look and laugh. its simple.