Thursday, November 01, 2012

Cheyenne Jackson in The Performers

A shirtless Cheyenne Jackson in a loin cloth? Yup, he's a stud.

THE PERFORMERS stars Cheyenne Jackson, Ari Graynor, Daniel Breaker and Jenni Barber, and also stars Alicia Silverstone and Henry Winkler. THE PERFORMERS will be directed by Evan Cabnet (WARRIOR CLASS, ALL-AMERICAN), who also directed Mr. Read's play THE DREAM OF THE BURNING BOY, a critical and popular hit when it debuted in March 2011 at Roundabout Theatre's Underground Series, produced by Robyn Goodman.

THE PERFORMERS is a romantic comedy set on the night of the Adult Film Awards. Lee (Mr. Breaker), a tabloid journalist, has come to Las Vegas to interview his high school friend, Mandrew (Mr. Jackson), a hot new adult film star. Lee, who’s accompanied by his fiancĂ©e, Sara (Ms. Silverstone), first sees Mandrew as an exotic creature; but soon enough begins to question his own, more conservative lifestyle. Meanwhile, Sara is having doubts too, and she enlists Mandrew’s wife, Peeps (Ms. Graynor) -- also an adult film star -- to compare notes on intimacy and the fear of commitment. Awards, sequins, and Barry Manilow converge as everyone tries to navigate the ins, outs, ups and downs of relationships. Thank goodness Chuck Wood (Mr. Winkler), the hardest-working man in the business, is on hand to remind everyone that size matters . . . but love matters more.

Tickets to THE PERFORMERS are on sale now via Telecharge and patrons can purchase by visiting the Longacre Theater Box office (220 West 48th Street), by calling Telecharge at 212 239 6200 or online at

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