Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fosse Stamps

Bravo to the USPS for commemorating Fosse with this beautifully designed stamp. Kudos, too, to James McMullan for another brilliant theatre-based drawing.

On July 28 — National Dance Day — the U.S. Postal Service honors "four influential choreographers who changed the art of dance." Look for Isadora Duncan, José Limón, Katherine Dunham and Bob Fosse (each on their on stamp) in your mailbox this year. "Designed to look like posters advertising a performance, the stamp art captures the luminosity and mystery of a live dance performance," according to USPS.
The artwork is by James McMullan, the image and poster designer for Lincoln Center Theater productions.
Here's how the "Innovative Choreographers" commemorative stamps' subjects are characterized by the postal service:
Bob Fosse, "celebrated for directing and choreographing musicals on both stage and screen, is shown on the set of [the film] 'Sweet Charity' (1969). Fosse received one Oscar, three Emmys, and nine Tony Awards during his career. Yet perhaps his greatest contribution was in making dance accessible to millions." The stamp design for Isadora Duncan "reflects her interest in classical Greek dance forms and shows the seemingly effortless style that she developed. Radical for its time, her linking of movement and expressiveness garnered her worldwide critical acclaim."

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