Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Auditorium Theatre Invites You to Take a Seat

I am not a rich person. Nor do I have any affiliation with the Auditorium Theatre, Roosevelt University, or Broadway in Chicago. That being said, I wanted to share this fundraising email from Brett Batterson regarding the Auditorium's campaign to replace their 3,900 original chairs. I saw my first ever Broadway touring production there back in 1991 (Les Miserables) and it left an immeasurable impact on my life and where I am professionally. Thought it couldn't hurt to share:
I wanted to write to you today because I truly value your friendship. But you’re not just a friend to me—you’re also special to the Auditorium Theatre. You know our building. You know its walls, murals and ceiling. And you probably (and unfortunately) know its seats. I’ll be the first to admit that our seats are probably not the theatre’s greatest selling point. They’re run down, faded and badly in need of repair. 
Now just think about this number…3,900. 
On paper, it doesn’t seem all that big to you, right? After all, you probably wouldn’t consider a city of only 3,900 people to be very large. And if you went to watch your favorite professional sports team play, a crowd of just 3,900 fans would probably be considered a disappointment. But 3,900 seats is another matter—especially when every single one of them needs to be replaced. 
But that’s the challenge we’re facing at the Auditorium Theatre—and I hope you can help.
You see, the Auditorium has been around for a long time—almost 125 years! And right now we’re in the process of raising money to restore every single one of our 3,900 seats. It’s a truly historic occasion, and as one of our most treasured friends, we want you to join in this event. For $1,000 you can cover the cost of restoring and reupholstering one of the Auditorium’s box seats—and forever become part of our legacy. 
Your generous gift will ensure that your name (or the name of a friend or loved one) will be affixed to the box’s railing in perpetuity. Just picture it—your name can become a lasting fixture within the same walls that witnessed some of the most famous musicians, dancers and operatic productions the world has ever seen. This is a very special opportunity available only to our closest friends. But if the Auditorium hopes to last another 125 years...we’re going to need your help right now. 
By the time our fiscal year ends this summer, we need to raise the money to restore at least 200 box seats. Currently, we’ve secured the funds to refurbish 66 seats—but we still have 134 seats left to go.
Please consider sending a gift today. By simply taking your seat, you can engrave your name in history—and help the preserve the Auditorium Theatre for generations to come. Thank you for listening. And thank you for your friendship to the Auditorium Theatre. 
With gratitude,
Brett Batterson
Executive Director

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Anonymous said...

I like that place. Very impressive architecture, good venue to see a show. Definitely needs some attention, though.

Nice letter, too. I wonder if they'll take something less?