Sunday, January 08, 2012

Directing in Chicago: To Tree

A snipit from The Brown Paper Box Co.'s blog. We open TO TREE this week in Chicago and I'm stoked to get it on its feet. If you're around town, hit me up and I'll make sure you get in.

"I've never worked so small in my life," is what I keep telling people when asked how production for TO TREE is going. I'm used to working on musicals, what with their bevvy of choruses, lanky-armed musical directors, ever-inventive choreographers, and throngs of people working backstage. I'm used to sharing rehearsal time with other collaborators dolling out their insight on dance breaks, duets, quick-changes, and the logistics of homemade vs. store bought stage blood.

That is not the case with TO TREE, no sir and ma'am.

Rehearsals have been intimate in a way I've never experienced before. Chris, Lance, and I have read and reread the script together a good, safe to say, 15+ times. Straight through at times, but also stopping here and there to poke at a word, flesh out an idea, and play at angles at which to attack moods, feelings, or intentions. Just three of us working together discussing trees and redemption, guilt and roots, apple pies and Cheese Whiz.

As 2011 ends, the first month of 2012 will consist of final rehearsals, building, focusing, and polishing - all ending in a three-week world premiere run. The Brown Paper Box Co. is starting the year off busy and right.

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