Saturday, January 21, 2012

Again With the Poor Writing,

Twice in one day? ::sigh:: Ok, it's time -once more- to play Is This Photo Gallery Caption Being Offensive?

For those who need a reminder how to play:

1) Check out this photo album.
2) Click on the 5th picture ... the one with Darren Criss and Hunter Parrish after a performance of Godspell.
3) Realize the caption reads as such: "Darren Criss and Hunter Parrish are god's gift to their scores of female fans, and a few fellas as well. Be sure to catch Criss in How to Succeed... before he ends his run on January 22."

Lazy, sloppy, and while not as offensive as the Nick Jonas "all gays dress well" annoyingness from earlier today, I don't quite care for the way they toss away what's bound to be a gaggle of gay readers as a "few fellas." Ironic or not, unclear writing doesn't help a cause.

Yikes, I am Oversensitive Steve today.

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