Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just Be, or 'It Gets Better' Starts With Bettering Ourselves First

Jamey Rodemeyer's story is incredibly inCREDibly sad, but what's heartbreaking to me was his need for someone like Lady Gaga (with whom I have my own "stop it" issues) to make him feel loved, accepted, and 'liberated.' Why are parents, teachers, friends, and other right-minded people allowing hate-speech to be preached and spread? It shouldn't take a Youtube video, ancient tome, or pop-star whom we don't personally know to make us feel normal.

God bless this poor boy, but why did it take him 14 years to realize we're born this way? And by "this" I mean whatever/however/whichever way we are. We shouldn't need American Top 40 to advocate something as simple as self-acceptance. And it's not Jamey's fault for this sudden realization, kids are kids, but it should not be Lady Gaga's responsibility to teach love.

Be there for your son, daughter, friend, and students when they need you. Fat, skinny, gay, straight, nerdy, shy, or just plain middle-of-the-road. Just be. Hell, being invisibly middle-of-the-road can be just as tough as vibrantly against-the-grain. There is no right.

"Bullying" isn't new, so the whole "anti-bullying" movement miffs me a tad. Kindness shouldn't be taught through a media buzz-word or a new legislative fad. This could be via my Liberal Judea-Christian upbringing (raised Catholic but now just, I dunno, a good enough person), but what the hell happened to just being fucking nice to one another?

RIP, Jamey.

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