Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Roger, the Chicken" Part 3

"Love the wheelchair."

Written by: Matthew-Lee Erlbach and Jeff Ashworth
Directed and Edited by: Matthew-Lee Erlbach
Director of Photography: Corey Gegner
Featuring: Jeff Ashworth, Kelli Jo Claxton, Matthew-Lee Erlbach, Mallory Portnoy
Music Written and Composed by: Jeff Ashworth
Production Manager: Kelli Jo Claxton
Sound: Kurt Seery
Gaffer: Ari Schaeffer
PA: Steven Davis
Audio Mix: Broadway Sound
Special Thanks: Jordan Hall, Elephant Films, Jackie Collens, Waldorf Astoria, Bettibar, Eric Stern, Stern Properties, Mike Garatty
Produced by Happy Cloud Prod

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