Friday, June 24, 2011

A Problem With America

So I was stumbling/creeping on a friend of a friend of a friend 5 times removed via Facebook and came across the following two pictures some dude had posted on his Wall:

This dude's mother had written, verbatim (grammar, spacing, spelling, etc.), the following in reply to one of them:
this better go off every computer young man......alll programs or you r done w the computer everywhere.i mean it.what is it still on here for..we need to talk tonight....this wiillll b the last time i ask.
Naturally, her comment was under the pot leaf and not the Confederate flags.

How is someone's mother speaking out against a marijuana leaf and not the symbol of slavery and oppression? A symbol popularized, organized, and widely used some 148 years ago.

Any anyone my age or younger who spouts out the ignorant "We're not into slavery, bro. It's about the history of the Southern people. Heritage Not Hate, man." epitaph is blind not only to history and facts, but how one is perceived as a human being.

Is this a just a case of The Cheese Standing Alone, is this one mother's reaction a rarity, or am I just missing something altogether here?

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