Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Am Obsessed With/Terrified of Large Abandoned Places

I cannot explain it and do not know where the root of this comes from, but as this post's title suggests, I have an odd fascination / fear of large abandoned places. ESPECIALLY amusement parks.

Six Flags New Orleans under godknowshowmanyfeetofwater after Hurricane Katrina?!?! How effing scary is that!?!?!

When I stumbled across this fantastic/personally horrifying album of pictures from the now abandoned Six Flags New Orleans, I wrote on Facebook: I have this weird fascination/fear of vast, abandoned places. Think it comes from the childhood trips to Disney World. This album freaks me the eff out and gets my adrenaline flowing in equal proportions. wtf?

My mother, an amazing woman and once long-time Disney employee, asked how our beloved childhood vacations prompted these feelings. I replied: Knowing all the ins and outs "behind the magic," how it was all constructed, how popular it was/is, and the thoughts of what it'll be like one day down the line when people either don't go or it closes down (like Riverview or Kiddieland) makes large abandoned happy places scary. It's not necessarily related to Disney exactly, just a very weird thought process I can't fully explain.

So in an effort to move past this fear, here are a few "favorite" shots from this oddly hypnotic tour of the now defunct Six Flags New Orleans.

And if you're in the mood for more abandoned happiness, check out Japan's Gulliver's Kingdom.

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