Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review: Cirque Eloize iD

What: Cirque Eloize iD
Who: Broadway in Chicago
Where: Cadillac Palace Theatre, 151 W. Randolph Street
When: April 26 - May 8, 2011
Why/Why Not: "The mixture of passion-filled performance and mind-blowing technology is apparent from the very moment Cirque √Čloize's troupe (under the skillfully innovative eye of Jeannot Painchaud) takes to the Palace Theatre's stage during their new incarnation, iD. With Robert Massicotte and Alexis Laurence's eye-popping 3D video projection design bringing Massicotte's blank urban landscape design to life, the urban dances and circus acts in iD are resoundingly funky, fresh, and beautifully mesmerizing." Read the full review here.

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