Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Bit of My Childhood Died Today

Elmer Hauldren's (The Empire Man) commercials were, in an odd pre-Internet pop culture way, a vital part of my up bringing. Even when I was away at college, Mr. Hauldren was a beyond recognizable figure within people in my age-bracket. We all grew up with him and it was a bonding element between those who grew up in the same area, spefically the northwest side of Chicago.
Long-time Empire Today spokesman Elmer Lynn Hauldren, best known as the inspiration for "The Empire Man" character, passed away on Tuesday, April 26, 2011. He had served as the company's installed home furnishings and home improvement industry icon since the 1970's, providing talent and voiceover support to Empire's advertising campaigns during his career. Lynn was also part of the barbershop quartet that sang the signature 800-588-2300(R) Empire jingle. Lynn was an important part of the Empire family. His contribution to the brand was monumental, and he will truly be missed.

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Michelle said...

I used to harmonize with that barbershop quartet whenever the commercials aired! :(