Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Last Time... Project Looking for Submissions

In an attempt to jump start a new ::something:: -as well as write/collaborate/create on a large scale- I'm starting something called The Last Time... Project. The Project (eventually evolving into a blog, theatre piece, podcast, who knows!?!) is based on stories, poems, songs, lyrics, letters, diary entries, stock antidotes, eulogies, and anything else which honestly reflects 'the last time...' participants did, said, saw, touched, tasted, etc. something, someone, somewhere.

But I can't do this alone! I'm looking for input from friends, strangers, and everyone in between to share their 'lasts' with The Project. I'm looking for funny, somber, compassionate, odd, crushing, etc. stories to help shape The Last Time... Project out of actual 'lasts,' rather than a group of fictional monologues from a singular writer.

"The last time I ...." is your starting point. The rest is from you. Any verb. Any memory. Anything you miss, remember, or cherish.

Here's what I hope will help make submitting to The Project enticing: almost everyone I know has a spam or anonymously extra email address. To help with anonymity, I've set up a gMail account,, for you to send your 'lasts.' This will assure a nameless safe blanket within The Project, allowing anyone to share their 'lasts' without fear of attachment or judgment.

All the material I gather will help create a ::something:: based in honest memories, both the good and the bad. After work-shopping the stories into the eventual ::something::, I foresee The Last Time... Project as a cathartic outlet through a community of writers, performers, and anyone who's ever had to do, see, touch, taste, etc. anything for the last time.

In a broad sense, The Last Time... Project shares similar themes with off-Broadway's My First Time and the popular website Post Secret, but I strive to turn received 'lasts' into a new and living forum of expression and release. If you're going to spend the time sharing your stories, I'm going to spend the time turning them into the ::something:: with the utmost respect and appreciation. Whether your shared 'last' turns into a monologue, movement piece, or springboards a dialogue, The Last Time... Project will be

Have any questions? Don't worry too much about it. There are no firm rules or guidelines.

Who knows what The Last Time... Project will turn into, but I'm excited to see if there are people out there willing/wanting to share some memorable 'lasts.' Please pass along to anyone you think may be interested and feel free to forward, re-post, Tweet, 'like,' etc. this entry to help spread the word.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration,


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