Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Transitive Property: Zachary Levi

I'm kinda a sucker for NBC's Chuck. It's my one not-that-great-of-a-show-but-I-watch-it-anyway guilty pleasure.
I'm even a bigger sucker for hairy Jewish boys. Gimme a shirtless chosen son and wham, I'm set.

So by a subversive transitive property, this must mean I'm an absolute sucker for a shirtless Zachary Levi at the beach. And I am.

Thanks, Doyoulikeitlikethat?!


Anonymous said...

Zachary isn't Jewish! He's Christian! But hey, he's still a stud. ;)

William said...

For real? If this is true, I'm intrigued, disappointed, but forgiving of the religion mix-up. Sorry for misleading anyone who might have been in the same boat as me, though my assumptions are (typically) based on nothing more than a hunch & a hairy chest :-)

Michelle said...

::turned on::