Saturday, July 03, 2010

My Twilight Hypothesis

My ghetto Yahoo! newsfeed asked, "Why is Twilight a bargain blockbuster? The filmmakers have discovered a formula for making big movies on the cheap."

I didn't read the article (it's here if you wanna know their 'inside scoop'), but I'm guessing it has something to do with sleevelessness.

That's right, my Twilight-on-the-cheap hypothesis centers around Taylor Lautner's consistent lack of sleeves and, in most cases, shirts all together.

Well, that and shoddy film making.

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Michelle said...

The article is lame. What's their "big secret"? That the studio finally created a movie for ::gasp:: TEENAGE GIRLS! Teen girls have money and want to spend it on things!!! Who knew?!?

Uh, have you fuckers been sleeping through the past hundred years? From Rudolph Valentino to The Beatles to Titanic to the Jonas Brothers, I think teen girls have proven time and again that they're going to flip out and spend big bucks when cute guys are involved. I'm annoyed that a second-rate series like Twilight is getting such hype, but I'm certainly not surprised. Emo love triangle + shirtlessness = $$$$