Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Top 18 from AfterElton's 2010 Hot 100

Remember how I made a vow to stop objectifying men on the blog? Well, I said I'd try ... and you can't spell "WOW!" without dropping the 'v' in 'vow' and replacing it with a 'w' (which, everyone knows, stands for 'wicked hot'). Right? Right. So whether they're shirtless or shirted, gay or straight, in or out, hair-chested or smooth, here's my shortlist taken from AfterElton's 2010 Hot 100.

100: Jason Mraz, 90: Justin Timberlake, 82: Mitch Hewer, 77: Ben Cohen, 71: Corey Monteith, 68: Gavin Creel, 51: Ryan Phillippe, 48: Mark Salling, 46: Sam Worthington, 45: Nick Adams, 36: Zac Efron, 32: Taylor Lautner, 21: James Franco, 16: Matthew Mitcham, 8: Jake Gyllenhaal, 7: Cheyenne Jackson

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