Monday, May 31, 2010

Blackhawks Win Game 2!!!

Ok, I'm not a huge sports guy, but I'll watch a game every now and again. But if a Chicago team in the finals of their sport, I'll stop everything & revolve my life around their kick off, tip off, or, in the Blackhawks' recent case, puck off.

Face off?
Face off.

Tonight's Stanley Cup game #2 was another thrilling example of how Chicagoans are the best fans in the world ... and how the 2010 Blackhawks are frickin' amazing. Can you believe Antti Niemi in the net? Really. Skill and talent -no matter the medium- is beyond attractive in my book ... which means Niemi is an unstoppable god of goal-tending sexiness.

Game #3 this Wednesday, June 2.
7:30pm central time zone.
I'm there.

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