Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesdays are Parenthood Eddy Rioseco Nights!

Parenthood is still not a good show, but they brought back Damien (tatted Eddy Rioseco, a former Boq in San Fran's Wicked, adorable) last week! Sure, it appears as if Bland broke up with him, but The Boyfriend and I retain hope that he'll come back and remain shirtless.

Seriously, his character never wears a shirt. Check him out in the Rubber Band Ball episode, if you can stomach the surrounding 41 minutes of mundane flat acting.



jaymcfly said...

oddly I do like parenthood , it reminds me a tad of thirtysomething , but not so good .

seanisbored said...

His stomach tattoo says water, earth, fire. Why, I can't tell you - it's a stupid tatoo ruining a perfectly fiiiiine body.