Monday, April 12, 2010

next to normal Wins 2010 Pulitzer Prize

WOA! Remember how I JUST wrote about the Pulitzer Prize and how we were due for a musical to win? Well damn......

A little freaky deaky, no?
I feel like a gay psychic.

[I must use my powers for good, not evil. ie: I mustn't use my powers to win a Tony Awards betting pool. What I SHOULD use them for is to know what styles are going to stay "in" next season. It'll save a bundle on shopping.]

I gotta say, the music is wonderful, the story is compelling, and Michael Greif's staging is brilliant, but I'm still not blown away by n2n's lyrics.

Why wasn't The Brother/Sister Plays considered? Oh well, congrats to Tom Kitt et al. What an amazing honor for such a wildly original show.

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