Sunday, April 25, 2010

Big Time Rush? More Like Big Time cRush!

Big Time Rush: Life is about to change big time for four best friends from Minnesota. One day they're playing hockey and trying to pass math, and the next they're on their way to L.A. to become the newest pop sensation. It may seem like a dream, but trading hockey sticks for hair and make-up isn't always easy. Do they have what it takes to make it in the music biz? Will celebrity life change them for ever? And where will they practice their flip shots anyway?

Doesn't that sound just awful?

Weird television aside, who is this 20-year-old James Maslow fellow and why/how is so hot? Literally, Nickelodeon plucked the twinkiest twink from the twink pool and tossed him into a twinky twink twink twink sitcom.

Sorry, my "twink" button got stuck.

What's with this shirtless promotional picture?

Really, Nickelodeon? Yowzers! This is the kind of photo your PR people circulate to expose your new star? I mean yeah, I'm perfectly fiiiine with it (his abs, happy trail, and stomach "V" are woof), but if I'm the one whose attention you've piqued, your marketing angle is all wrong.

I may be going out on a limb here, but gay bloggers far outnumber fourteen-year-old Teen Nick viewers 10 to 1. We expose happy trails & twinky stomach "V"s at the drop of a sequined hat.

We're a swift lot. It's out wont.


Anonymous said...

And now that he's stopped shaving that gorgeous hairy chest, he's even hotter! But they'll probably make him shave it again when it's time to start wearing tank tops again!

William said...

He's got a hairy chest!?!?! Where can we see that?

Anonymous said...

Yep, he has quite a hairy chest! IMHO, it makes him EVEN hotter! Unfortunately, it looks like I was right. In the recent episodes, when he was back in a tank top, he was shaved again, probably because he's supposed to be 17 on the show.

It's absurd, of course! First off, I've known lots of 17 year old guys with hairy chests. Secondly, they already showed James with the chest unshaven, so making him shave it is ridiculous, and besides, he doesn't look 17 with or without it shaved! Finally, he is SO hot with a hairy chest!

Anyway, watch the "Big Time Guru" or "Big Time Pranks" episodes of BTR. Or go onto and look at the screencaps for those episodes. Also, there are quite a few images on the site from public appearances in the last year.

William said...

17 in the show? They look/act sooooo much older. I don't get it.

Looking to find time to check out those episodes. Thanks SO much for sharing and reading.

Anyone esle you think's in the same boat as James?

Anonymous said...

NOBODY is in the same boat as James! IMHO he's quite possibly one of the most gorgeous guys on television right now!

That hairy chest of his just makes me drool, not to mention those muscles, that stomach, and that beautiful face (and, oh, that smile!)

He may play a kid on TV, but the guy is, simply put, all MAN!

Anonymous said...

BTW, since you asked, here is just one link to a picture on from the episode Big Time Guru:

I hesitate to post more without the explicit approval of the webmaster.

Here you can see some of the hot chest hair on this sexy, sexy man.

William said...

O lordy, thanks SO much for sharing that shot. He's so effing good looking, and knowing he's got a hairy chest is all the more alluring. He's bound to make a girl or guy very lucky.

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd share one more:

This picture really shows just HOW hairy his chest is. We're not talking a few wisps here and there!

I was so disappointed that he shaved his chest for the Big Time Beach Party episode, that featured a lot of airtime with him shirtless, although I can't say I was surprised. It seems we still have to "pretend" that James DOESN'T have a ripped, muscular chest covered in gorgeous, wavy hair!

BTW, that episode was the one before this one. While I don't know when they were shot, it's pretty impressive nonetheless that he could go from smooth to THIS hairy in less than two months. It's always possible that they were filmed out of order.

I just want to see him shirtless WITH the chest hair intact!

My god he's gorgeous!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

...the second one isn't from Nickelodeon...

Anonymous said...

The second picture on this page or the second link?!?

The second link posted is from the Big Time Rush episode entitled Big Time Songwriters (on Nickelodeon.)

Nick seems to be completely schizo over whether or not we're allowed to see James with his furry chest intact or not.

BTW, it seems I'm not the only person who's noticed the Nickelodeon/James Maslow Chest Hair Quandry!

Someone has created a parody of that insipid song "Friday", talking about how everyone wants to shave James' chest hair, but it keeps growing back. It's pretty funny, especially given how bad the original song is.

Devin said...

honestly.... i'm glad he shaved off his chest hair. body hair is so unnattractive... especially on younger guys (however old he is). i say keep the sexy smoothness comming! so much hotter that way... :)

Anonymous said...

you know the members from btr is 19 and 20 and i think they are all sexy and cute i love kendall and carlos they are my fav btr rockers

geo said...

KEEP the chest hair! There's nothing unattractive about it! He's not a prepubescent boy, and he shouldn't pretend to be. Furthermore, I'm not attracted to prepubescent boys, I'm attracted to men!

Also, the ages posted here are wrong. As of last year, Logan & Carlos are 22, James and Kendall are 21.