Monday, March 15, 2010

"...Just another 'gay blog.'"

The Boyfriend and I threw a party for his birthday.
As we were noshing around the kitchen, the topic of my blog came up.

"I check it out when I get a free second at work,"
said a friend who teaches high schoolers.
"Wait, you look at those naked guys while you're at school?"
someone asked him.
"Wait, people actually read your blog?"
someone asked me, just as horrified.

A laugh ensued.

[Also, I never post naked guys.
Happy trails and 18+ links, sure, but never full on peen.]

"I used to read your blog when it was more your about life and theatrey," stated my wine-fed best friend. "But recently it's nothing but sex and shirtless boys. You've become just another other 'gay blog.'"

Ouch, but bingo.

Being a Worrying Wally, I began to -shock theatre- worry she was right. She was. So in hopes of not being like every other gay blog in Christendom, I'm gonna make more of a conscious effort to ensure I don't go homo all the time.

But I ain't makin' no promises.


Sam Page said...

Glad to see you're a fan of that last photo! I thought it pretty hot myself. >:}

William said...

Oh yes, too too hot. :-D

Rebis Rebis said...

I saw that picture before! can anyone tell me where and when it was taken? Who are the guys?