Thursday, March 11, 2010

Family Portrait

The Addams Family's new cast portrait. Similar to their Vanity Fair shoot, but with a taste of their actual set involved.

Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth as Gomez and Morticia, Terrence Mann as Mal Beineke, Carolee Carmello as Alice Beineke, Kevin Chamberlin as Uncle Fester, Jackie Hoffman as Grandma, Zachary James as Lurch, Adam Riegler as Pugsley, Wesley Taylor as Lucas Beineke and Krysta Rodriguez as Wednesday.


Adam said...

I like the Vanity Fair shoot better!

And there are no shirtless boys in the picture (though none of these boys would I want to see shirtless, except Mr. James).

William said...

I do too! This new one looks so fakey. Almost like they weren't in the same room & they cut and pasted.