Tuesday, March 09, 2010


My yearly (and indisputably anal retentive) ritual as to how to eat the Girls Scouts of America's delicious Do-Si-Dos:

1) Pre-order 3 boxes from your office-mate who babysits a Girl Scout.
1) Steal 1 box from your parents' cabinet.
1) Go to church for no other reason than to hit up the Girl Scouts selling extra boxes in the rear vestibule.
1) Distract a Girl Scout's mother, poke said Scout in the eyes a la The Three Stooges, and steal all she's worth.
2) Fill a large cup with 2% milk.
3) Pour a hefty dollop of Hershey's Chocolate Sauce into the milk.
4) Stir until ... ok, you know how to make chocolate milk, but keep the spoon in the cup. This is very important.
5) Pre-set 4-6 cookies on a plain, white, paper napkin.

6) Take a cookie and delicately place in atop the chocolate milk. Do not dunk or submerge. Let the saturation work its magic in its own time. This usually takes 30-40 seconds.
7) When the top cookie half's tiny nooks and crannies have filled with milk, use the spoon to eat the entire cookie in one bite with an accompanying spoon full of chocolaty goodness.
8) Repeat steps 6 & 7 as many times as it takes to clear your plain, white, paper napkin of cookies.
9) Repeat steps 1-8 annually in the month of March.

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Michelle said...

Very good, but nothing can beat Tagalongs as my favorite Girl Scout peanut butter cookie of choice!