Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Boyfriend & I Watched (500) Days of Summer Because Everyone Told Us To.

I wish they hadn't.

Maybe I'm Cynical Sally in this case of the cheese standing alone, but (500) Days of Summer wasn't the good movie everyone hyped it up to be. It's only redeeming qualities are its killer soundtrack and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's dimples.

Overall, it was just meh. It wanted to be around 4 different things (specifically, the old film footage and talking one-on-one to the camera) but never committed to one wacky motif long enough to make any of 'em really work. And I don't care what anyone says, (500)DOS is a love story. Sure, it's unconventional in showing a relationship's courtship and demise, but it had cheesy romantic comedy music in it - think plunky underscore they use in Sandra Bullock & Jennifer Lopez movies.

Plus the character of Summer has no redeeming qualities. I just wanted to smack her. "She's just to real for you, man. You can't handle how real she makes the movie. Summer embodies a far more realistic view of how a relationship works more than any other conventional love story." Shut up. She sucks.

But I feel like a crazy person 'cause no one agrees with The Boyfriend & me. They've only scoffed at our annoyance, never offering any support of it not being a boring Summer fest. Given all the hype, I was really let down.

Thank god for the dance sequence. The "twist and shout" move at the :59 second mark is the most adorable.

I'm not asking to change my mind -I'm a Stubborn Sal- but can someone tell me why it's such a special movie?


emma o said...

the boyfriend and i also watched it because everyone told us to and i also think it was just okay. the song/dance part was fun but i also wanted to smack summer and jump ship. i kept waiting for it to surprise/delight me but mostly it didn't. be strong in the face of the fans of this movie, know that we also thought it wasn't that great.

William said...

thanks, emma! united we stand!

Michelle said...

Still haven't seen it. But I've also heard that the Zooey Deschanel character is unbearable, so other people share your opinion!

Also, I never realized her name was "Summer." UGH.

Michelle said...

UGH the worst ever. Trying way too hard to be the new garden state and appeal to indie minded mid twenties and teens. However, I agree that JGLs attractiveness made the whole thing more bearable

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