Thursday, February 25, 2010

1,000th Post: Shirtless Winter Olympians

I was in a pickle as how to celebrate my 1,000th entry. With few ideas coming to mind, I took Adam's lead & posted "more shirtless boys!"

OK! Magazine's Shirtless Olympians: Evan Lysacek, Steven Nyman, J.R. Celski, Tim Burke, & Louie Vito.

So that's it. Nothing much else planned for the big 1,000th entry. I started this blog back when The Boyfriend was nothing more than That Hot Guy I Met On-Line Who I Wanna Get To Know Better. Almost 4 years down the line, we're living together and I'm still blogging. Something's going right.

Thanks for reading, keep coming back, and stay good.

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seanisbored said...

Happy having a blog :)