Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Young Christopher Walken

::wolf whistle::

Sure, he's got the same intense Walken-esque eyes, but I'm blown away by his twinky physique. The friend who sent the pic my way worded her shock and awe perfectly: "I always assumed he was born old." Me too.

Also, am I alone in saying I'd give my left nut to have the young Chris Walken read Goodnight, Moon to me?


Michelle said...

Jay Mohr does a good Christopher Walken. I love that clip.

Also, being attracted to Christopher Walken = scary, unfamiliar territory for me. I'm both aroused and uncomfortable. Up is down, left is right - MY WHOLE WORLD HAS GONE TOPSY TURVY.

Tim? said...

I'd be much more comfortable if he looked like this