Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Shirtless Blonde Boy

I cannot help it: this boy is so.friggin'.hot.

Happy trail? Check.
Blonde chest hair? Check.
Gym shorts? Check.
Armpit hair? Check.
Stomach V? Check.
Objectifying the male form? Check.


J.D. said...


seanisbored said...

I hope he has major face defecs 'cos other wise it's jus not fair.

J.D: Seconded.

Adam said...

William! DIdn't we see this guy at Sidetracks last Monday?!?! Oh, no, wait, no one under 25 goes there;)

Love ya!

William said...


God, I wish we had seen him there.

Maybe you're thinking our stint at Steamworks.

Robert C. said...

Thank you!

valeria* said...

is this guy a model or something? i'd love to know ^^

William said...

sorry, valeria, but i do not know him. just a good lookin' bro i stumbled upon on xtube.

Anonymous said...

nice abs lol somone dont like the camera