Friday, January 22, 2010

Communal Gym Showers: Erotically Perplexing

An old acquaintance e-mailed me this picture of a communal gym shower to illustrate a story he was tellin'. He's one of those gayquaintances you've known for years who you're very open with & knows all your dirty little secrets ... and vice versa.

Needless to say, he shared a wildly erotic tale of debauchery & intrigue. One that needed said visual to help further the narrative into his wild experience. If it's your wont, I'll let your imagination wander for a moment to fathom the possibilities.


All set? Sexcellent.

Woof. These type of shower stalls are sooo homoerotic. I've never been able / will be able to comfortably take a shower in this kind of setting. A bunch of wet naked dudes completely exposed for all the world to see? I couldn't handle it without ::comical morning DJ "metallic spring" noise::.

Um, that's a boner.

I understand that no, I'm not attracted to every guy I see -the same way every straight man doesn't lust over every woman he spots- but given the steamy situation, I'm bound to have my friend pop in for a visit. And isn't it weird for straight guys to be in this sorta setting? Sure, they aren't attraction to one another, but being so exposed has to be unnerving, right? Wrong?


seanisbored said...

You should read Alan Hollinghurst's The Swimming Pool Library. Lots of the action happens in communal showers.

Anonymous said...

where did ur friend take that communal shower picture? i'd like to go there :)

William said...

Unfortunately, that's just a Googled image result. But yeesh, it's soooo hot.

Anonymous said...

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