Saturday, January 16, 2010

5-Hour Energy, 24-Hour Bladder

What is this, February of 2008?
Because I'm very current with popular culture, I figured I should hop on the 5-Hour Energy cart before it was long outta sight.
People swear by it.
It suppose to work.
Walgreen's had it on sale.
All signs pointed to: at least try it, William.
So I did.

And lemme tell you, if you like feeling woozy in the head, tingly in the appendages, motor-mouthed to the point of self-annoyance, and not energetic, 5-Hour Energy is for you!

Aside from the wonky aforementioned side-effects, I could not stop peeing. Every 15-20 minutes were met with a violent rush to the washroom to go #1. It didn't help I went to a bar later in the day & had to keep asking an old friend to, "Hold this* for me." By night's end, he probably I was a coke fiend, what with my mile-a-minute blathering and habitual trips to the loo.

All in all, my experience with the infamous 5-Hour Energy shot was not pleasant.

*my beer, not my linus.

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