Monday, March 16, 2009

"Weird" Gay Vampire

I don't give an eff about Twilight & the only reason Robert Pattinson's on my radar is because of his deliciously hairy chest. Yet, this quote may bump him off my list:
The Twilight actor portrays Spanish artist Salvador Dali as a young man in his latest film. He tells GQ magazine's April issue that he was uncomfortable as crew members watched and giggled during his graphic interlude with a male co-star. "In a lot of ways, I was kind of crossing lines of what I thought I was comfortable doing," he said. "I had to do all this naked stuff." The British heartthrob says he wanted to try "something weird," but the part was more difficult than he'd anticipated.
You can be uncomfortable acting in a scene where your sexual orientation is flip-flopped, sure. I understand that. But I love how playing gay is considered "weird" by a main-stream Hollywood actor. Myabe he just meant being naked was "weird." Sure, it's just a mini sound bite, but I tend to find GQ's interview's relatively legitimate.

Watch it, Pattinson. You're walking my thin line between Total Obscurity & becoming Black-Balled. If you ostracize The Gays, who's going to masturbate to your photos? ::someone informs me Twilight made $190,838,209 domestically thanks to hundreds of thousands of tweenaged girls:: Oh, well, um, damn it.


Vera said...

Ah, but the teenage girls are fickle and will forget him in a heartbeat. The gays are much more loyal, I think, so it would behoove him to cultivate the gays.

By the way, have you seen the trailer for that Dali film? He may not have been talking about the naked stuff or the gay stuff when he said "weird."

seanisbored said...

He is now dead to me.

Didn't have that much cred to begin with, besides HP.

William said...

That's what's tough about stupid Yahoo! blurbs (it's my own fault for even furthering their un-credibility); it's hard to know exactly what anyone's referring to. He could have easily been talking about the "weirdness" of the film itself, but on paper, it's hard to see otherwise.