Monday, March 23, 2009

Let's Trye This Again: Which Do You Prefer?*

*the extra "e" is for "eeeeee, here come the Jonas Brothers!"

All y'all haters need to quit frontin'. Until one of them either drops a homophobic remark (which is nearly impossible 'cause I'm 90% certain one of them is gay), murders a puppy, &/or gets hit hard by the ravages of puberty, my strange infatuation with Jonas Brothers won't quit.

-Two of you think Joe!!!1 is the dreamiest.
-Shock theatre, None of you think Kevin!!!1 takes the cake.
-Four of you think Diabetty Jail Bait Nick!!!!1 is God's gift to good looks, purity, & being boring.
-No one has a boner for more than one of 'em. It's better that way.
-Two of you have lives & don't know Who? they are.
-None of you think They're either too young, too gay, too tweezed, or too pure for my tastes. This is unfortunate as yes, they all are, in fact, either too young, gay, tweezed, & pure.
-And Three of you want me to Get Over the JoBros. To that I say, no way, man.


J.D. said...


seanisbored said...

I have never seen them act, sing or do anything except be posted about on gay blogs.

Should I be glad??

William said...

Talent-wise, you're not missing out on a thing, but if you're into the twink look, you're missing out on a world of wholesomeness.