Saturday, March 07, 2009

Glee Trailer

Hour-long television series are either hit or miss. Usually miss. With a talentedly strong cast & heavy-hitter producer (though I don't care for Nip/Tuck) at the helm, here's hoping Glee doesn't resort to hour-long series' major pitfall: Desperate Housewives, Sex & the City, or Ugly Betty-esque musical underscoring. Dopey "do do do" romantic comedy muzak that's used when characters are snooping around causing mischief. Stuff like that kills modern hour-long series. Let's take a looksee....

Looks like Glee is chuck full of High School Musical's attractive castness without its signature Diznee fluff & Fame's realistic maturity without the 80's legwarmers. From what's shown, Lea Michele cracks my shit up. We in the inner theatre/choir/band/dance circles have all known girls like her. I'm hopeful.

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