Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Blank Page or Canvas

[Sean's latest post influenced this entry]

Life's kinda up & down lately. Work's work. Ain't nothing too exciting about working at America's Top Hotel Destination when the economy's been how it is. As a 24-year-old college grad, there's a looming fear I can only wait so long for things to pick up before the time to explore has passed. But there's shit holding me back. Pay off this loan. Don't be in debt. Pay off that loan. Move out of your parent's basement. Become a Real Person.

Look at little Calvin there. He's just a kid, naive & relatively untouched by the Real World, but he knows it's a magical world. Call me Optimistic Oliver, but I like to think there years ahead of me left to explore.


Anonymous said...

More years than you can even imagine, darling. Trust me on this. SO many more years to explore.

William said...

Thanks, darling.

seanisbored said...

That is I believe the very last
Calvin and Hobbes strip.

I look at it every so often to remind myself to LIVE.

Thanks for the acknowledgement, I'm honoured.

William said...

It is the last one. So hopeful.

And I am "honoured" to receive such a European version of the word "honored" in my blog. God bless Ireland!


seanisbored said...

By 'European' I hope you mean correct?

William said...

Snap. Well played!