Thursday, March 26, 2009

The 24 Hour Musicals 2009

The 24 Hour Musicals are coming again Monday, April 13, 2009. All you New York types, check it out! Between making coffee, setting up rehearsal rooms, making coffe, rangling Tony Award winning actors, & making coffee, last year's event was a blast. This year's bound to be just as fun.


Michelle said...

I wish I could go again! And maybe I could accidentally bump into a bitchy waitress and spill wine on her and get a death glare and then freak out in the bathroom and cry because I feel bad and get hugged by Kerry Butler.

Also, is it weird that I'm most excited by Tamara Tunie on that cast list, because she's on SVU?

William said...

I'd love to go with you again & not cry. What an amazingly stressful day! Kerry Butler to the rescue! Would be nice just to go see the show.

Also, is it weird that Tamara Tunie was the one person I didn't know. :-/ I'm an SVU poser.

Michelle said...

She's the hottie medical examiner! And apart from doing a few things on Broadway, she apparently produced Spring Awakening! Who knew?

Brice said...

I will miss you both and the games we play :) I'm here now

xx Brice