Friday, February 20, 2009

Those Miami Girls!

This is a legitimate press release from the Hallmark Channel. The Boyfriend's organization did not post it. Nor, he figures, did other prominent mediums. I, on the other hand, am not prominent nor respected. He gave it to me so here I share:
If everything old is new again, then it stands to reason that THE GOLDEN GIRLS will never go out of style. The sitcom that refuses to be put in a nursing home continues – to this day – to be a favorite for fans of all ages. Think about it: college kids who loved the adventures of Rose, Sophia, Dorothy and Blanche in the mid 1980s are now grown up with kids of their own in college…who are now watching THE GOLDEN GIRLS with the same fervor as their parents! That’s a tale that even the folks in St. Olaf would be impressed with. THE GOLDEN GIRLS premieres on Hallmark Channel with a massive 18 hour marathon on Saturday, March 1 (8:30am ET/PT – 3:00am ET/PT). For more information, visit
The Boyfriend noted that some public relations underlinger probably spent their entire day working on this release. Maybe two. Guess you can't go wrong with exclamation points & promises of fervor! Plus, I find their use of Photoshop remedial at best. Sophia deserves better.

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Amanda said...

hey u r a old lady now cheer up!