Thursday, February 19, 2009

Too Many "We Have a Great View!" Puns

While attending the Wednesday, February 18th taping of The View, I managed to fit in amongst 150 female Baby Boomers, 20 of their dragged-along husbands, 20 indisputably fabulous gays, & 10 off-the-street crazies. It's hard to determine which category I belong to exactly, but that's for another day. Mom thankfully dragged the group out at 7AM, allowing for fantastic 3-row seats.

Luckily, all the ladies were there! Barbara Walters seemed cranky from waking up early to do a Regis & Kelly appearance. Joy Behar was strangely reserved after a stern shhhh! by Barbara during a commercial break. Sherri Sheperd looked fabulous in her tight black top & unburned wig. As she shared on-air, there was a fire in her apartment building, so she called her son Jeffery to, "Save Mommy's wigs!" Elizabeth Hasselbeck, as annoying as she is, faced me the entire show, so I couldn't help but smiling & waving the several times she did it to me. Damn it! And then there's Whoopi Goldberg. You know, Academy-Award-winner Whoopi Goldberg, to whom I got to ask a question during a commercial break:

"Hi, Whoopi. I'm William from Chicago."
"You've been asking this question to actors recently & I'd like to ask you: what role are you dying to play?"
"Eleanor of Aquitaine."
::frantically wondering if that's the Katherine Hepburn role in The Lion in Winter or the Katherine Hepburn role in one of dozens of other royalty period dramas:: Great. Thanks!"

Five words. Awesome! Ok, she didn't say much, nor did she seem very interested in my question (it was better than the "WFT?!" face given to the "Who's been your favorite guest?" question), but I got to talk to her. Gotta love Whoopi's no-nonsense flatoutery.

Since Elizabeth faced us the show, she swung over to our bank after filming was done. The ladies around us cooed over her ever-growing baby bump. We sat politely waiting for Sherri to finish up a conversation with one of her gays in the first row. From there, we ignored Elizabeth & fawned over Sherri's comedic timing & wig story from the broadcast.

Sure, waiting in the cold & standing in ABC's lobby for 3-and-a-half hours was torturous at times (one of the crazies pulled out her squishy balls & preceded to juggle), the over-all experience was thoroughly enjoyable.

And receiving a $100 Chili's gift card & free post-show White Castles weren't bad incentives either!


Michelle said...

Cute. I find it fitting that Elizabeth was facing you. I couldn't have asked for anything better!

And I gotta say...for a $100 Chili's gift card and free White Castle...I'd suffer through a few hours of The View.

And now I want White Castle. Also, I am drunk.

Amanda said...

hey what the hell r u talking about.

William said...

Wait, what took me so long to reply to you: who are ya, Amanda?