Sunday, February 08, 2009


Poor poor Michael Phelps. Yes, I feel sorry for him. Guy can't go out & partake in activities many people his age partake in? Not fair. His scrutiny only proves the unnecessarily high pedestal people put athletes upon. They're just people & he's just a dude. Experimenting with performance enhancing drugs or stealing social security from the elderly would be one thing, but the guy's ripping a bong not during an Olympiad & not during a training period. Yes, he's looked up to as a great athlete &, blindly by some, a "great American," but 8 gold medals, killer abs, world-wide exposure, & an assumed extra 4" in the pants aside, Michael Phelps isn't much different from you nor I.

Kudos to Really?!? with Seth. His last line really nails it.

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