Sunday, February 01, 2009

"Prayers" For Us All

So, Shed Fest 2009? Didn't happen.

What can I say about Prayers For Bobby that hasn't been said about countless other sub par made-for-TV movies? Given the subject matter & power-player leading woman, hopes were high for Lifetime's latest Emote-A-Thon. Wishful thinking on my part. Besides Dan Butler's (Bulldog from Fraiser) open-hearted reverend & a star-turn from leading man Ryan Kelley (Chicago-land native), the acting was poor. Like, blameitontherecession'caseIlostmyjob poor. Russell Mulcahy's direction was ripe with conflicting styles & sophomoric cinematography.

Prayers For Bobby had one thing going for it, though: the inspirationally true account of Mary Griffith's transformation from blindly-led Bible-thumping Christian mother to acceptingly more open-minded Bible-reading Christian mother. Had Bobby's story been fictionally penned merely for the sake of making a film, Prayers For Bobby's emotional impact would have been lost. Bobby's suicide & Mary's march in her first Pride Parade boast the film's most powerful moments (at which I did cry), but the majority of the script veers on the trite. Then again, it is Lifetime...

I kvetch, but massive kudos to Lifetime, though, for having the balls to film such a thisstoryneedstobetold kinda movie. If more parents, Christian or otherwise, had the counseling & guidance people like Mary Griffith offer now, maybe more conflicted kids like Bobby would still be around to wave their rainbow flags the last Sunday in June.

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