Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bros & Trains

Though they're dwindling, working at a hotel still has a few perks up its sleeve.

Last weekend, our Top American Hotel Destination had the pleasure of hosting a National Fraternity's bi-yearly conference. Bro-shorts & flip-flops abound, I found myself making unnecessarily abundant trips past the swimming pool. If one more 19-year-old strolled past my window asking where the nearest gym was, I swear I would have busted through the bulletproof glass & showed him a squat or two.

"Shirt-free party, bro. You comin'?"
"Only if you bring the Blue, bro!"
"Muscles are cool."

This weekend, by comparison, Model Train Enthusiasts arrived. Now, I'm not ragging on the lovable lot, but there wasn't a looker in the bunch. Notta one. Nay nay nay. To make matters worse (as if the Pimply-Faced Teens' tattered Slayer or Metallica t-shirts weren't bad enough), these guys weren't committed to just trains. No, this was more of general miniature enthusiasts convention.

"I choo- choo- choose you, Merle."
"I choo- choo- choose you, Marlee Mae."

From miniature replicas of the beaches of Normandy to miniature 1920's carnivals, each conference room made me pine for the weekend of flip-flopped hall-saunterers & bro-shorted pool-side loungers. But don't get me wrong about all these guys, The Boyfriend is the hottest train enthusiast evah.


Michelle said...

Thank God for model trains!

William said...

So funny! I wish it went on to talk about Crabtowne. In autumn.

But mazel to you for using hardcore html!

Michelle said...

I figured out the HTML all by myself! Well, along with help from teh interwebz. Next step: posting a link that opens in a separate window, so you don't have to enlarge this tiny one. Up up and away!