Saturday, January 31, 2009

Set Your TiVos!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009:
Look for this mug ::points to the Bill-Clintonesque guy on the couch::
on ABC's The View. Well, look for him in the audience, but there nonetheless. Thanks to my mother's seemingly new-found feminist liberalism, her savvy persistence scored 4 tickets to ABC's afternoon Squawk Fest. Whoopi Goldberg, Ms. Walters, Sherri Sheperd, Joy Behar, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Mom, Aunties Joanne and Helen, 200 other Baby Boomers, & me. Can.not.wait.


Beth said...

Ha! I love how you put Elizabeth's name in small print. MWAH! I'll set my tivo, yo.

Tina said...

What do you mean "new-found femininst liberalism"? We're very excited, too!!

William said...

I also said "seemingly," 'cause it's probably not be a new thing. It's good! You've been TiVoing all the episodes & really getting into it. I love it.

Michelle said...

I'd set my Tivo if:

A) I had one
B) Watching "The View" didn't make me vom in my mouth ;)

I'm excited for you, though. Look at you! You went to "Oprah," you're going to see David Archuleta, you're going to see "The View"...all this live, family-friendly entertainment! Next stop, "The Rachael Ray Show"! (Am I right? I'm right, aren't I?)

P.S. - Elizabeth Hasselbeck = the best part of that squawk fest. Blow her a kiss for me!