Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back From NYC.....

...but too pooped to write about the trip. In the mean time, here's a Zac-Efron-at-the-beach picture. If you click on it & look closely, you can see the salt water he's spitting out of his mouth. Yikes.


Michelle said...

Let's get something straight (gay?):

I am not attracted to Zac Efron. I think he looks like a twinky little elf-boy.


Last night I dreamt that we did a play together and he kissed me. And I enjoyed it. Then I felt uncomfortable and woke up and went to your blog and there he was. Shirtless and wet and expectorating salt water.

...It's gonna be a weird day.

J.D. said...

So fine.

William said...

"twinky little elf boy." = perfection.


What an ironic turn of events. Hope your day didn't get much weirder.