Sunday, November 02, 2008

There We Went: Who are You Voting For?

The highly voted upon Masturbation Poll ::squirt:: has been blown out of the water! It's an equal mix of surprising & not surprising. While the Masturbation Poll ::squirt:: was titillating & shrouded with anonymous honesty, this election has become bigger than the big ol' rustic state of Alaska, thus making it my highest voted upon poll ever.

Barack Obama & Joe Biden (D) - An overwhelming 15 of you believe in the change Sen. Obama can bring to our country.

John McCain & Sarah Palin (R) - 1 of you is my best friend on the East Coast.

While Still Unsure, Anyone BUT Sarah Palin - By blogpollitary decree, none of you are committed to hatin' on Palin. Ok, I guess.

Third Party Candidate (G) - 2 of you are voting for that ever hopeful, omnipresent, always-a-dreamer, Ralph Nader.

I Probably Won't Know 'til I'm in the Voting Booth - Thank god none of my pollers are part of the alleged 10% of the population still unsure for whom they're voting. You still don't know? Gimme a break!

A Clever, Cartoon or Video Game Character Inspired Write-In - None of you are throwing away your vote, which is good. Whatever you do, don't confuse Jesse White with Jesse Jackson & vote for Mega Man as a Secretary of State write-in like I did. Political brain fart. In my defense, White's tumblers wouldn't stand a chance against motion sensing honing missiles.


Anonymous said...

And darling, who is going to see Barack tomorrow, the day before I pull a lever for freedom and justice (and then vote)? Oh yeah, that's me. Don't hate.

Michelle said...

Heh. Nice drawing. What weird phrase did you have to Google to find that?

GFKenly said...

I'm sorry..."Best Friend on the east coast"??? I think you might be confused Mr. Panek...

William said...

So jealous, Anonymous! Pull that lever & pull it hard...then vote!

"Curly haired cartoon." Not as weird as a "Cathy" clipping I could have used. SHE LOVES FOOD!!!1

I keep forgetting where you are, La Grange.