Sunday, November 02, 2008

Cut Zac Efron Shower Scene

I feel all Perez [*see comments] & gossipy right now. This is from
The big weekend box office for High School Musical 3 proves that Disney knows not to mess with a winning thing, and why should it? The series's profitable formula (40% Bollywood chastity, 35% 'N Sync b-sides, and 25% total gayness) has paid off in spades. Perhaps, then, the threat of tinkering with this equation was what Disney had in mind when they cut what was apparently a Zac Efron-led musical sequence in a boys' group shower (!), the existence of which came to light after an Ebay seller included pictures of the number in a cache of HSM3 photos. What cinematic contribution to homoerotica was lost when a cruel executive axed "Lather Up, Y'all"? Gaze upon the additional pictures after the jump, and muse upon what might have been.
How hot would that have been?!?!?!!1 But look, his chest and tummy are so shaved. Seems like Disney didn't want to titillate the Tweeners too much. The reality of a naked group shower number in a Disney movie is a little risque, but so incredibly hot.


Michelle said...

"I feel all Parez & gossipy right now."

You misspelled "Perez"? What kind of gay are you??

William said...

I loooooooooooooathe him. I'm glad it's wrong!


Vera said...

And speaking of total gayness- look! He seems to be doing the YMCA dance

Anonymous said...

ha ha excellent ! lets hope the scene comes to light
on maybe the bootleg version , someone's got to have that footage ! I can just see Matt showering and shimmering down ,