Friday, April 18, 2008

Why "Alpha Dog" is a Great Movie

1) Homoeroticism. Oh, did you not hear me the first time? Well, it's definitely worth repeating:
2) The constantly shirtless & incredibly fit Justin Timberlake's acting abilities are not stretched beyond his means. He's funny, controlled, & able to be sidelined, all when necessary.
3) Emile Hirsch is fan-fucking-tastic as the young, manipulative, heartless drug lord. After his surprisingly unnominated star-turn in Into the Wild, he proves himself as one of the most talented & best looking young film actors working today.
4 & 5) Ben Foster is one crazy mofo. Sharon Stone is one crazy mofo. Their scenes together are, in a word, craaaaaaazy.
6) The word "fuck," and its variants, is said 360+ times, proving the filmmaker was not afraid to represent the story's grit & reality. Fuckin' cool. [This being said, I'm sure its glamorization of violence, drugs, & chauvinistic machoism aren't for all viewers.]
7) It's based on one fucked-up true story.

I'm about 3/4 of the way through it. Just as Michelle thought The Changeling had a uplifting ending, I hope the same sunshine happiness befalls upon the drugged-up kidnappers of Alpha Dog.....!


Michelle said...

Man. That was the day everyone reevaluated their previous notions of my intelligence.

William said...

I just sent this entry to Northlight. They're also reevaluating your position as script reader.