Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's Been Said, "Those Who Can't Act Fight..."

Again, I cannot stress enough how Never Back Down is not a good movie. This being said, Never Back Down is not that bad of a movie. That being said, Never Back Down & Step Up 2 the Streets are pretty much the same exact movie. While the Streets was more comical (both purposefully & not), Never Back Down features actually actors who know how to, well, act?

Though both movies' scripts are equally formulaic, what boggles my mind are the striking similarities between the dialogue:

"How do the street dancers know where the Streets is going to take place?"
"No one knows where or when until a mass text message arrives the night before."

"How do the rich white kids know where the big fight's going to be?"
"No one know where or when until a mass text message arrives the night before."

Also verbatim are the "first-day-of-school" scenes:
"You're the new girl, right? ::pounds fists:: Nice to meet you, I'm the Nerdy-Freshman-Loner-Who-Secretly-Dances-Well."

"You're the new guy, right? ::pounds fists:: Nice to meet you, I'm the Nerdy-Jewish-Loner-Who-Wishes-He-Could-Fight-As-Well-As-the-Popular-Kids."

Yes, both movies pounded fists. How hip. The saving grace? Sean Faris & Cam Gigandet, two leading men whose characters are dedicated to working out, bulking up, & kicking the living snot out of his opponent.

Was it a brainless popcorn movie? Heck naturally! But I would pay $7 to see sweaty, blonde, shirtless boys over a CGI Bruckheimerfest any day of the week. Would William's Eye Candy Cinema stand for any less?

Next up in the continuing series of William's Eye Candy Cinema: Prom Night. While probably not a smörgåsbord of sweaty six packs & rippling forearms, it has the potential to channel & compliment classic horror flicks from the 90's like I Know What You Did Last Summer & the Scream franchise. Plus, the terror occurs on (duh) prom night, so there's bound to be several scene gratuitous skin. ::thinks about that black couple from the trailer:: Uh oh..... ::shakes head in a knowing manner::

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