Monday, April 14, 2008

Dear Sens. Obama & Clinton

Hello. My name is William, a 23-year-old blogger from the wonderful city of Chicago. In this tumultuous and historic election year, your constant attacks towards one another have caused obvious inner-party negativity. What I am asking, senators, is that you set aside your differences, focus on the Democratic presidential task at hand, and help relinquish the current party-wide rift by addressing an issue I and many gay Americans find pertinent.

With current environmental issues reeking havoc on the climate, this epidemic effects thousands of my homosexual brethren and sisteren across the country. Thanks to global warning, the numbers are growing at an alarming rate and I find it irresponsible of you not to have a proposed plan to solve the situation.

My question, senators, is simple: what are you going to do about the missing sleeves?

John McCain and his Republican cohorts may try and blame the lack of coverage on the liberal media, the American Theatre Wing, or even you, Sens. Obama & Clinton, yet searching "sleeveless men" on Google found me the aforeposted images. The evidence is as abundant and clear as sunshine in mid-June. One does not have to look very hard to see the obvious problem.

We are beyond asking, "Where have the sleeves gone?" and "When are the sleeves coming back?" It is time for a president to look forward to a sleeved future, not at past. My biggest fear is sleeves will be disappearing more and more in the coming months, leading up to this promising and historic November. If you become president, Sens. Obama and Clinton, what are you going to do to prevent the widespread threat of sleevelessness in the gay community?

Now and forever sleeved,



A to the S said...

frankly, i am shocked - SHOCKED - that this issue has yet to be addressed.

William said...

we are not alone, little one, but we need the higher-ups to see this is a wide-spread problem.